Our Local Beaches

Hundreds of thousands of area residents flock to Kings and Long Beaches each year. We go for a swim on a hot July day, or a moonlight walk on a crisp autumn evening. Some travel for hours to visit beaches that we can reach in minutes. With this good fortune, though, comes responsibility. We must preserve and protect these treasures from environmental harm.

Our beaches are becoming increasingly unfit for recreational use. Trash piles up on the sand and sewage pours into the bay. Algae growth fouls the water, sand, and air. Erosion of dunes and deterioration of beach walls, buildings, and other infrastructure demand immediate attention. These problems will not simply disappear naturally, and will no doubt become more unmanageable over time.

Unfortunately, as these conditions have worsened, the government funding needed to alleviate them has diminished. State and federal spending on the care and maintenance of Kings & Long Beaches is only one-third as much today as in 1987.

Our goal is to promote the wise use and preservation of the waterfront by :

  • Alerting others through educational, cultural, and civic programs and events to promote public awareness and interest.
  • Raising money to fund these programs and events.
  • Making our legislators aware of the need to formulate sound marine and coastal environmental policy.

We need your help to realize these goals.