Read About the Water Quality

water quality

News: The Swampscott Conservancy’s post of the recording of the March 7, 2020 webinar on Healing King’s Beach.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health requires that the beach water be tested for bacteria during the summer swimming season. The water quality at Nahant Beach (also known as Long Beach) is very good. Unfortunately, the water quality at Kings Beach in Lynn is poor. Sewage from Swampscott and Lynn empties onto the beach from two large outfall pipes. Stay out of the water, both coming out of the pipe and where it enters the ocean. It is highly polluted. Check out the resources and links page for articles on environmental factors.

Kings Beach in Lynn is tested at 4 locations. Kings Beach in Swampscott is owned and managed by the town of Swampscott and is tested at 1 location. Nahant Beach in Nahant is tested at 4 locations.

Test results for Lynn, Swampscott and Nahant Beaches can be found here.